3 Tips for Starting a Business Blog

A Blog connected to your business website is an important arm of your online strategy in 2012. Blogs are integral in keeping your customers, clients and staff up to date and connected with your business on a day to day basis. Your feature articles and posts can be written by the staff, by other departments and even by your customers. Making use of one of the free blogging platform makes it easy, free and accessible for even the smallest of start up businesses. Here are my three tips for business blogging to get you started.

Once upon a time having a brochure style business website with a catalog was enough of a presence to lure online searches towards your business. In 2012, it is far more productive and a much more efficient return on your investment to make use of a business blog to share your business brand online.

First thing you need to do is familiarize yourself with a free blogging platform like blogspot or wordpress. Now, do you know what your business keywords are? Keywords are the most searched for terms that lead customers to your site and then convert the inquiries into sales? Put your keywords and wordpress together in a search and see what your competition is up to. You should see a list of other blogs that already focus on your niche. Now it is your turn to create your own blog and contribute your effort to the blogosphere.

Now you have done some research seeing what everyone else is up to, it is time to register your own blog. I would suggest you use a keyword and something related to your particular specialization or brand. So it all ties together and you have some brand transfer between your blog and main website.

Next, write a short post about your business. And for your second post you can write another few paragraphs about your business this season – what new stock or new products you have or how things are evolving at the workplace. See? You are getting the hang of it already! Be open, honest and a little bit candid or controversial to keep the readers’ interest. Remember, boring copy makes for tedious reading and time poor readers are impatient for quality content.

So now you have launched your blog it is time to offer guest posts to other staff and managers from different departments to contribute. Insist that they write up to 400 words about a personality based experience that involves the business or the brand. Keeping the personal element ensures that there is more to the post than just product promotion – and frankly reading product promotional material is not really that entertaining.

Aim to maintain a consistent presence on your blog – it will keep you readership loyal and interested and sustain their connection to your business and brand. You will find a plethora of resources to help keep you interested and inspired to produce worthwhile content – and remember – fresh original content is what drives a quality blog. As your readership grows you will have a veritable community of loyal followers who all share your interest and offer commentary on your posts. And above all, your business blog becomes a relevant and valuable asset to your business.

BP Murphy is a digital media specialist and at [http://www.cedardigital.com.au/] where he consults with small business to produce powerful websites that convert visitors into customers.

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